Editorial Team


  1. Jonathan Daniel Cohen, University of Virginia, United States
  2. Dr. Roxanne Harde, University of Alberta, Canada
  3. Dr. Irwin Streight, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada

Editorial Advisory Board

  1. Dr. Eric Alterman, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, United States
  2. Dr. Jim Cullen, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, United States
  3. Dr. Steven Fein, Williams College, United States
  4. Dr. Bryan K Garman, Wilmington Friends School, United States
  5. Dr. Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Shalem College, Israel
  6. Dr. Donna Luff, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, United States
  7. Dr. Lorraine Mangione, Antioch University New England, United States
  8. Dr. Lauren Onkey, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, United States
  9. June Skinner Sawyers, Newberry Library, United States
  10. Dr. Bryant Simon, Temple University, United States
  11. Dr. Jerry Zolten, Penn State University, United States